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See the top anchor texts used along with backlinks and referring domains. Whether you’re developing a new link building strategy or revising a current one, it’s important to look at where you currently stand. Keeping track of links in real time is essential to running a well performing online business. Lost Link Recovery: With the information our tool provides, you can find and take back lost links. This is a great way to keep an eye on how your competitors are doing or to monitor and measure the success of your own site. Understand your SEO progress in seconds. Once you have run a competitor analysis in overview mode you can scroll down to the Top Link building opportunities widget where you’ll be able to navigate directly over to Backlink Gap and find a host of potential outreach targets.

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Link diversity refers to the variety of domains that link to your site. Try these 9 easy yet effective link building strategies today. Why do you need to know about the best backlink analysis tools in the business. Then choose backlink monitoring tools from our rating. You can also see in depth data about your links. You can use the email feature to reach out to these Lost backlinks to see why you are no longer being linked to. Say, you work for an agency and need to track who is in charge of every backlink. “It allows SEO specialists to locate good backlinks that they don’t know about which can generate a lot of traffic. It will show you where you are currently ranked and where you should be ranked in comparison to your competitors. See followed and nofollowed links — The more quality followed backlinks a site has, the more trustworthy it is in the eyes of Google. Raven Tools uses SEO metrics from other popular tools like Moz and Majestic.

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A standout feature of this tool is the Link Visualizer, which lets you see the placement of the backlink on the page. Ahrefs is also an online backlinks analysis tool, it is considered a direct competitor of Majestic SEO. Analyze backlinks for a number of parameters. You will automatically check indexed backlinks, and the tool will show you all necessary data, such as the domain authority, spam score, link changes new/lost, and more. You need to track the links you generate when running a link building campaign. Buzzsumo is a content marketing tool that allows you to analyze your as well as competitors’ content. Now, let’s see which of them can become your ally. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. You can however improve it even when you show limited results. None of these options suit your need. Learn more about SEO Chatter and Stephen’s vision for the company.

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9 Best Backlink Checker Tools

This enables you to take immediate action if you spot any spammy or low quality backlinks. To your question: it might depend on how the index is defined. Moreover, the backlink checker is free. There are three primary reasons as to why it’s important to monitor backlinks to your website. Optimizing your website for search engines is mandatory if you want it to get noticed online. If you are involved in providing marketing or SEO services to customers, then your reporting is essential. Robots meta tags and x robots tags with the rules. Like most competing backlink analysis tools, Linkody allows you to discover new and lost backlinks, in addition to useful metrics to refine your backlink strategy.

What is Backlink Checking?

The final column provides insight into whether the link is a dofollow or nofollow link. Here are the 8 we recommend. This can aid your own link campaigns, helping you spy opportunities for outreach. But only recently have we begun to understand the significance of using them correctly, and the detriments of using them incorrectly. Incorporate Majestic data with your in house dashboard or toolset. You don’t need dozens of link building tools. Join me as we delve into the captivating world of backlink monitoringand uncover the hidden treasures it holds for your online success. Feature in Capterra Shortlist report 2023 for SEO software. Starting price: $25/month.

9 Ubersuggest SEO Analyzer

While it doesn’t provide detailed backlink data, I’ve added it to this list because it is super easy to use. Drill down into your competitors to discover their backlinks and prospect your own off the back of their links. While not the topic of this piece, outbound linking can also help improve the rankings of your website. I know only Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO. All done with the video and ready to dive in. It also has a feature that will help you understand what links have been found in the past, even if they have been broken or deleted already.

3 Backlink Checker from Seobility

Identify which country the backlinks come from using the IPs report. For instance, I have added one competitor as of now. Type in any domain name or URL to see the site’s backlinks analyzed instantly. If you want to make your site a lot more appealing to credible search engines such as Yahoo, Google and Bing, then it can help to grasp the ins and outs of backlinks. Semrush is our top recommendation for a backlink checker. Backlinks, also known as ‘inbound links’ or ‘incoming links,’ are links from one website page to another page on another website. Backlinks are when one site links to another site. SimilarWeb is a powerful competitive intelligence tool that provides detailed insights into website traffic, audience behavior, and digital marketing strategies. Your site ranking increases and with it your presence in the market is established. Depending on these analytics, it enhances my SEO strategy. Another way to build high quality backlinks is as a guest blogger on other sites. It helps agencies identify and resolve technical issues, optimize website performance, and improve search engine visibility.

What is Multilingual SEO?

But do it only if you’re sure the tool is for you. Link type “dofollow” / “nofollow”. And unless you set limits in your account, they’ll automatically charge you when you exceed your plan limits. Keep an eye on the backlinks of your website with Seobility’s backlink analysis. User generated content UGC. I personally don’t use this feature because I already have a HUGE list of my competitors’ backlinks that’s more than enough. As part of a netlinking strategy and if your try to optimise this lever to get incoming links to your website, it may be advantageous to use backlinks management tools. Or choose a monthly plan from $119. But know this: under nearly every circumstance, the above reviewed backlink tools can all do the job for you. I am a newbie agency and although I do have 2 years under my belt of SEO, I’m still pretty new but yet I want to offer good services and a robust tool. Click on the ‘Add URL’ option and scroll down to the bottom. Check which pages are linking to your website and analyze how many of them have been updated recently.


If you need more extensive backlink data, you can use the Site Explorer to get page and domain information. While the vast majority of such trackers scan the entire Internet in search of new links, Sitechecker makes it possible to import important links found in Ahrefs or GSC, as well as manually created ones, without spending extra resources. Diib is one of the best SEO tools in the world. Usually respond within 1 2 business days. However, after I tested out the trial, I decided to get it, since there is a refund period. The overall result can be seen above the table, which is represented as a histogram. A backlink checker is a tool used to assess the quantity and quality of backlinks pointing to a particular website or webpage. With Backlink Tracker, you can register for free and explore all the tool’s advantages during a 7 day trial period. But in most of the cases, the features provided were mostly irrelevant to my or my client’s needs, yet the full price would need to be paid monthly. Documentation is the starting point on your journey towards building a powerful SEO software.

Best Feature: Metrics Filters

Essential is the plan for people who want all the basics and a few extra features. Paid monitors often come at several different price plans, allowing you full freedom in how much you pay for the features that you need. OpenLinkProfiler only allows you to track 100 backlinks in total. Simply put in the URL to any desired content and grab a full list of backlinks associated with the URL, making backlink monitoring a breeze. Software Minimum Requirements Windows Xp or higher with 32 or 64 bits, minimum RAM memory recommended is 500MB and at least 50MB free disk space. You can also customize the notification delivery settings to suit your needs to know about lost links. In 2023, backlink management has become even more critical for SEO success. Akshay took to writing as a career owing to his passion for the field. Site Checker is a useful backlink tracking tool designed for SEO and marketing specialists to monitor their website’s backlinks. An interesting functionality is the side by side comparison option. Imilarweb/status/1473729332975710225. You can also enter an optional URL parameter like if you want to gather links from that domain. If you need even more detailed information about your competitors, then the advanced plan will cost you $399 per month.


But there are so many different ways to use keyword data, so I wanted to find tools that could handle a variety of use cases, along with a few designed for some of the most popular uses for keyword research. Knowing how many links you have, where they come from, and what kind of value they bring to your site is essential. Keyword overview: View information regarding the search volume of a specific keyword, its intent, competition level, cost per click CPC, and estimated value to attract more traffic. And of course, once you’ve fine tuned the results, you can export them to CSV. Track SEO performance: Track backlinks of your own website and your competitors to see what’s boosting page rankings. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your website’s performance, rankings, and overall SEO strategy in 2023. Track external sites linking to yours to discover potential link building opportunities. While Ubersuggest is most noted for its keyword prowess, it is also quite an effective backlink tracking tool. Materials that worked effectively yesterday may lose credibility or simply disappear today. LinkChecker is a nice alternative for a routine work. Monitor Backlinks is exactly what I need for my SEO, and no more than that needed. We especially like the link profile comparison tool, which lets you compare your site to competitors and spot opportunities for improvement. For example, here’s a backlink from Entrepreneur to Mashable.

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Beyond that, you have to opt for any of the below paid plans. You can download SEO Spyglass and analyze up to 1100 backlinks for free. The previously mentioned Summary Bar includes the number of nofollowed and followed backlinks that direct others to your website. If the spam score of the page is very high, you might want to remove your site from that page to be more clean and safe. Monitor their link building strategies and follow best practices to outrank them in the competition. Companies using Inspyder Backlink Monitor for backlink monitoring are majorly from United States with 5 customers. Guest Post Guidelines.

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SEMrush literally has a feature called “Link Building Tool”. After that, a box will appear on the right, where you need to select “New Project”. In these resources, you can learn many other tactics to remove toxic links from disavow files to blocking referring ips that send an influx of toxic links. To curate this list, I’ve personally tested these tools and evaluated them based on factors such as data accuracy, ease of use, and the range of features they offer. So, now, you’re probably wondering how you would go about checking these things – in which case, the good news is that there’s a tool for that. Considering the rich feature set, great user interface, and low price point – starting at $19. This fee covers all Mangools’ tools. Here, we share with you a completely free backlink checker tool. Building a strong social media presence can also help you establish relationships with industry influencers and increase your brand visibility. Bonuses from visit partners. 7 day month back guarantee.


ZEFO helps us stay in control and receive important and specific alerts out of huge amounts of keywords, rankings, and competitor data, the daily, weekly and monthly reports save our work time and shed light on points for improvement and our future SEO strategy. Io is used to find large numbers of email addresses. For example, SE Ranking offers a 14 day trial period with no limit on the number of features. Read Also The 10 Best Slack Link Building Community. You don’t need dozens of link building tools. Link Building Campaign Management: The platform provides a comprehensive platform for managing your link building campaigns. Ahrefs, aside from the majority of similar backlink monitoring tools, uses not only HTML but JavaScript too. Great for those on a budget, the Start Package lets you get your hands on. With over 30T internal and external backlinks, Ahrefs offers an extensive backlink index that is updated every 15 minutes. One of its most impressive features is its instant email notification when any site links to your webpage. And it’s lightning fast too.

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Despite being so affordable, its built in backlink tool is still up there with the best. Based on this data, filtering by crossing with crawlers is available in the presented modules. There are several free backlink checker tools available online, including Moz Link Explorer, Google Search Console, SEMrush Backlink Analytics, Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, Majestic, Open Link Profiler and Link Miner are some free backlink checker tools. A great tool to start your backlinks audit because it features a free version. Try the free version of Ahrefs’ Backlink Checker. Imagine John, an entrepreneur who’s just opened an online store. This is where backlink checker tools come in handy. One of the difficult tasks for bloggers and webmasters is to monitor their backlinks that are pointing to their blogs. Backlink monitoring is necessary for maintaining a website’s search engine optimization SEO health. To track backlinks, all you need to do is navigate to the “Backlink Analytics” section from your profile dashboard on SEMrush and put in a domain name to flush out the complete list of backlinks associated with the domain. For every domain and page you analyze, you get complete details regarding the links quality, performance, prospects, rankings, etc.

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In the same way you filter for indexing capability and remove the unnecessary for your website. To do this, click the “Create Campaign” button. The link prospecting tool enables you to discover unlinked mentions quickly and effortlessly. I use Ahrefs almost every day. I hope you know what does disavow domain means. For major announcements and bulletins, follow our company page @majesticseo. If you’re an SEO newbie with a limited budget, try these tools to monitor backlinks. OpenLinkProfiler is a free link research tool. In the realm of backlinks, this tool doesn’t just scratch the surface; it dives deep to bring the treasure trove of linking opportunities right into your lap. Linkody also provides various metrics such as Moz Domain Authority and Page Authority, Majestic Trust Flow and Citation Flow, and Ahrefs Domain Rank and URL Rank to help users assess the quality of their backlinks. There are many reasons why you could lose backlinks over time.


Moz Link Explorer is one of the oldest backlink link checker tools and pretty popular too. Being a site owner, you definitely know the importance to rank at the peak in a search engine like Google. This aspect is what a search engine optimization expert would call “PageRank transfer. SEO Spyglass is a part of the SEO Power Suite one of the four tools by Link Assistant. The available options are many. Plan your link building outreach by keeping track of your backlinks. Enhance Customer Experience With the Company Branch List App. Our SEO platform comes with powerful tools, among others, a keyword research tool, rank tracker, SEO reporting tool, backlink checker, and SEO audit tool. Backlink analysis is an in depth evaluation of the volume and quality of websites that are linking back to your website. It’s no secret that almost every successful SEO campaign uses quality backlinks to boost the domain authority and website’s reputation. Other features include a Knowledge Graph and actionable insights.

Tiered Link Building: Is It Safe? How To Do It RIGHT?

That is obvious for every competent SEO specialist. Moz Pro was one of the first tools that let anyone check their site’s backlinks. With the Link Building Tool, you will be able to build the backlink profile of your website from scratch. Not all backlinks are beneficial and healthy; some may come from websites that are penalized by Google, have stolen content, or are otherwise dubious. Submitting incorrect or invalid details will lead to no response. It helps you to detect spammy, toxic backlinks on your site, and remove them to improve your search rankings. But considering we’re focused on links, I’m going to zero in on Moz’s link building and link analysis features. In today’s chapter, we are going to explore more about five of the best backlink checker tools today that can help you build and maintain great backlinks in an instant –discussing their features, qualities, pros, cons, etc. Ideally, your backlink tracker will routinely check the status of your backlinks and find out if they are online and whether they have the right rel attribute i. Nofollow backlinks are used to indicate to search engines that a website isn’t necessarily trustworthy or authoritative. The most likely scenario is that Google doesn’t penalize sites with a limited number of spammy backlinks but does take action against sites with heaps of such backlinks.
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