What to Do About This Scary Stock Market

Companies are making money and dividends are increase. Every single month my portfolio buys more income then the month before whether the overall value is higher or lower. I hope it is not solely or primarily based on my portfolio’s market value on any particular day. But then I got separated, bought my first apartment and at the bank they recommended saving in funds.

  • That number will tend to change from day to day.
  • Result is that on the initial investment from 2000 on my 18th birthday now 16 years later I have not even a total growth of 20%.
  • And yet, he speaks out against the idea of market “timing” whenever he can.
  • …If you are actually buying VTI instead of VUN though – are you putting enough in at a time to make the currency exchange costs worthwhile (like, at least a few thousand $), and using Norbert’s Gambit?
  • Most recently vox.com published a piece by Timothy Lee as a response to a NYTimes article.
  • We DID retire this year (actually Jan. 2015).

I am opposed to investing in funds, such as the S&P 500 EFTs. While this is better than nothing, there are a number of flaws that will undercut this strategy for many investors. It helps to find indicators of fear in market participants and then investing more heavily when fear is present.

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Many people do not simply want to, or can’t devote that time for a variety of reasons. I agree with you on the individual stock idea. My 401k is invested in mutual funds and my Roth IRA is invested in individual stocks. When it comes to investing, I am a HUGE fan of putting savings on automatic pilot, especially if you can max out a pre-tax plan which has an employer match .

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I found a cheap share with low liquidity, trading on the Frankfurt market, although I have never bought any shares on this market, usually I buy on the Xetra market. Clearly you can try to time a rebound, but midto long term German utilities do not have a lot of upside unless we get a surprise ice age within the next few years,.. At current prices (9 €/share RWE) I think is worth to have a look at the German utilities.

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I’ll also have so much money in the bank that I will have plenty of time to consider alternate investments or just sit on cash and wait for the bubble to pop. I’m happy to follow this super-simple advice but just so you know, Docker Compose there is some pretty convincing language out there. Most recently vox.com published a piece by Timothy Lee as a response to a NYTimes article. The NYT article advises people to just be in a 100% stock allocation all the time .

If the market goes up for 5 straight years after your ‘retire’ date, I’d say you are in pretty great shape. Now, if the opposite happens and it goes down the first 5 years, well you will likely have to make some income during those years, so that you can take advantage of the cheap stocks. While I agree with everything you are saying, and I am glad I am still “buying” these stocks at these prices, I sure would be bummed if I just retired this year. I’m not even suggesting that anyone sell stocks bought at low prices when they reach overvalued territory. I’m just saying that you’d be foolish to buy stocks when they are obviously overpriced, which should be pretty damn obvious by this point. Put up a steady stock investment every month.

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Some years it goes up 20%, other years it drops by 10%, but overall the continuous stream of dividends and growth in company value and productivity keep you well fed and happy – forever. So you’re a Mustachian and spend your long year career living richly on some of your salary, and accumulating loads of index funds with the other 60% of hot forex review those earnings. Once your investments reach $1 million, you decide to retire, because the 4% rule indicates that should cover your family’s $40,000 annual spending forever. Reading the article and some reports of the company, I´m on your side redarding the undervaluation. Especially the company did verry well since you wrote the article.

It’s simply not worth the time and effort, especially when you consider the index is the benchmark for performance. No work to hit the benchmark, or a lot of work in hopes you might out-perform it. And if history tells us anything, people are extremely unlikely to beat the market. Now when I buy a company trading at eight or tens times earnings, with a nice dividend and good balance sheet, I’m willing to settle for what’s happening right now. They only have to continue doing what they’re doing, and grow slightly with the economy, for me to make money. I collect my share of the cash flow and I’m happy.

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Great hypothetical example showing how the world’s worst market timer over the last 40 years still turned $184,000 of total investment into $1.1 million. As you approach retirement you’ll have the opportunity to convert to a Trad IRA / Rollover to a Roth IRA or take early withdrawals through Section 72. Mrs. Thriftyskate and I are still getting our ‘stash together. Obviously, when a market rises more compared to poloniex broker review other markets 10 years in a row, we can extrapolate this returns forever because valuations doesn’t matter. The most effective means we have for asserting control over our corporate overlords are strikes, boycotts and shareholder activism. If we don’t use these tools, we are still sending a message to the corporations that we work for/buy from/invest in, and that message is “what you are doing is acceptable”.

Clearly, they are hit extremely hard by the coal price drop. In my oppinion SES could be a value trap because of over-capacity in the satellite industry. It seems cheap, but gets cheaper and cheaper. It seems that there are too many satellites and that over time the cost of launching a new satellite with greater and better functions is lower.

Because then you would know that I am rather a “7 Iron” investor and prefer to leave my Driver in the bag for the time being….. Their property consists of intellectual rights that obviously are worthless if they are ceasing operations. With only discounting their intangibles, the business is worth $0.30 per share as it stands. Currently they’re trading in excess of that. I invest elsewhere as well (Expedia, Cars. com etc.) but as I live in Europe and will spend all my money in Europe I think it is OK to use this as Benchmark. And yes, there is clearly some home bias at work.

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In order to do this, you have to be able analyze stocks and design your own portfolio. You have to have faith that your own analysis is correct, and will come through in the long run. Do I still have plenty of money, and plenty of profits? Momentum is a well known market anomaly, which sources it’s fuel from, amongst other possible candidates, price action / technical analysis.

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As MMM points out, the intrinsic value of indexed stocks is in the dividends, not the “market price”. Attempts to determine whether any asset is under or overvalued rely on a solid underlying metric-set that can establish the forward value of ALL ASSETS. Suppose the market goesdown by 13%, which is roughly what happened from the highest peak to the lowest point of this supposedly bad year.

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This is just basic business sense, and I’d suggest, one of the hallmarks of good investing. Now you have $918,000 so your $15k withdrawal on the down year puts you down to $903k. It sounds painful, but your fifteen thousand was still only 1.6% of your balance.

I would hope to find a higher percentage here than elsewhere, but most people just don’t have what it takes. You need both the intellectual ability to analyze companies and industries, and the emotional makeup to stick to your picks even when they go down. Now, the main test for my theory is not during booms, it’s during busts. If there was a prolonged downturn where the S&P went down 20-30%, then my portfolio should go down much less. But you do notice the 40% cash, just in case.

That number will tend to change from day to day. The idea that a person can’t tell when stocks are overvalued is simply absurd. Where they expensive when Dow was 3,000 or 10,000? Buy now and the market could be 100,000 in 10 years.

For me, a 3% return over 10 yrs isn’t that enticing. Over 30 yrs, I think the market will be fine, but for the next few years (esp. after a 7 yr bull), I’m willing to keep a little out of the market to see what happens . To do that you need enough capital so that all of your income requirements can be met through dividends. And the dividends need to be both sustainable and growing over time. Few people will have this amount of capital – so for them the value of their shares matters.

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